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"Hi, I am passionate about helping people with low energy, gut problems, depression and fatigue get their lives back!  Seeing the sparkle back in someones eyes after being on a Treatment Programme with us is a massive incentive, and I strive to figure out why you may be feeling "not quite right" in yourself. 

I  like to use Functional testing to really examine what is going on in your body, specifically with your digestion, adrenal and thyroid hormones  Unlike usual lab tests, functional testing looks at the gut or gland over a period of time - for example a day and how levels of certain hormones or markers fluctuate throughout the day.  This gives me great insight to what is happening and helps me to understand why you feel the way you do. 


Live Blood Analysis is another screening tool I use, particularly in relation to vitamin/mineral levels in the body, and the state of your Digestive System and Immune System.  It helps pinpoint the areas that need work in the body and will show inflammation, Gut inflammation, vitamin or mineral deficiencies, and warnings around heart and cholesterol health, diabetes and blood sugar issues and more.

Pristine health is not just physical - sometimes there is a past trauma or emotional reason behind how you feel - as a Reiki healer I can also help you get in touch with those areas of your health and shine the light on your path to health.  

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